Active Rehabilitation

A common misconception is that inactivity and bed rest is needed for recovery. Also people tend to avoid exercises fearing that their injuries would aggravate. We believe that controlled, gradual, and progressive exercises are important and integral part of recovery or rehabilitation programs. Our active rehab program is provided by certified kinesiologist who will design stretches and exercises for your injuries. Your program will adapt to your needs and it will be focussed towards making you more independent in long term. Overall aim of this is the following:

  • Restore your range of motion
  • Improve body mechanics
  • Improve posture
  • Reduce muscular balance
  • Decrease body pain and discomfort
  • Targeted strengthening and stretching
  • Improve stability, flexibility and exercise tolerance
  • Conditioning body
  • Managing acute and chronic sports injuries
  • Core strengthening
  • Joint conditioning
  • Safe working/lifting positions to avoid injuries