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"3 sessions and really feel the difference. gentle technique"
Apr 04, 2019
"I really like my therapist and receptionist here! All very kind people with lots of good advice on dealing with my sciatica."
Apr 04, 2019
"My pain is diminished significantly since seeing the physiotherapist. She has a soothing technique. I would highly recommend her. "
Apr 03, 2019
"Had a very positive response in a timely fashion..due to excellent professional assessment and treatment. Thank you"
Mar 13, 2019
"I'm happy with there service, My Therapist was awesome. I would recommend others to come for sure. Thank you "
Mar 09, 2019
"Ajay is a great kinesiologist. He helped me a lot with my exercises. Very hard working and talented. Thank you "
Mar 05, 2019
"The service at Prana physiotherapy is excellent. Repsy my practitioner is awesome, friendly and professional. The location is easy to reach. "
Feb 14, 2019
"I had a very positive response in a timely fashion... due to excellent professional assessment and treatment. Thank you Repsy."
Feb 14, 2019
"I have had a great experience here. Friendly, helpful and organized."
Feb 13, 2019
"It was a pleasure to be at this clinic I was treated very well all staff members and good i will recommend it to everyone "
Jan 30, 2019
"Everything is great here, I recovered very fast. The treatment was good and I like my Therapist. Very happy with the whole thing here. "
Jan 24, 2019
"Everything going good. I am approved a lot from pain. Good treatment and therapist is good. "
Jan 23, 2019
"Very Professional and knowledgeable staff, friendly and helpful,personal attention and personalized treatment with a variety of equipment at reasonable rates. I would definitely recommend it to anyone for physio. The appointment system has useful reminders, location is close to sky train and parking close by, facilitates a pleasant experience for a throughout treatment. I see progress in my recovery. "
Jan 22, 2019
"Prabhleen is very good as a practitioner, she talks very professionally, and I like her a lot. Very happy with the service. "
Jan 22, 2019
"Prana physio is one of the best physiotherapies around in New Westminster. Most amazing staff, understanding, and friendly environment. The pain in my back has gotten better than before, I can see a difference. The technique of the physiotherapist is amazing not like any other physiotherapist. "
Jan 20, 2019
"Prabhleen is very good as a physio. She talks very nicely and I like her alot. Very happy with treatment."
Jan 18, 2019
"Friendly staff and good service. Great knowledge in helping patients for faster recovery."
Jan 18, 2019
"I was with Prana Physiotherapist clinic almost six months. I remembered that day, that my whole body was in terrible pain. When I came here, I was really happy. They’re friendly, and they treat perfectly and highly professional. Thanks to Prana Physiotherapy especially Dr. Suman and all the physiotherapist. I recommend this clinic highly. "
Dec 29, 2018
"Very friendly staff. Physiotherapists and chiropractors are very knowledgeable. Would recommend 10/10. "
Dec 03, 2018
"My name is Anglea. I have been getting physiotherapy treatment for the past 3 months at this clinic.. I am really satisfied with the care and treatment I got from the staff. I would come back if I need care in future. I wish all the staff good luck with their business. Thanks lot"
Dec 01, 2018
"Suman helped me a lot. When I came here I could not move my leg because of pain but now I am doing a lot better and very happy about Prana Physiotherapy service. Great staff and I had a wonderful practitioner."
Nov 06, 2018
"My therapist helped me a lot when I came to this physiotherapy. I couldn't move my leg because of pain, now I am doing a lot better. I am very happy about the service and great staff, I had a wonderful experience. "
Nov 05, 2018
"Thanks so much for recommending this physio-it has made a huge difference! "
Oct 22, 2018
"Mrs. Mandeep the physiotherapist and the rest of the crew at the Prana Physiotherapy were everything I needed during my time of need. Thank you"
Oct 22, 2018
"I am really grateful for the help. It helped me a lot for the neck and shoulder with only 2 sessions. I'm really pleased. "
Oct 22, 2018
"The practitioner has been very helpful. I feel so much better. Thank you so much for the magic. Auluck taught me physical exercises that helped me a lot. "
Oct 22, 2018
"staff great, love the environment, super friendly."
Oct 14, 2018
"great place love the staff, love the place friendly super helpful"
Oct 14, 2018
"Friendly and helpful. I felt very comfortable at the grand opening. "
Oct 14, 2018
"Friendly place, love the upgrade."
Oct 14, 2018
"Love the place, had a great time at the opening."
Oct 14, 2018
"It has been an amazing experience here at Prana Physiotherapy... I was treated with respect and care. I went to so many other clinics but no improvement over time.. I came to Prana and they diagnosed and treated me very well. I would recommend anyone to come and try this clinic for themselves. "
Oct 02, 2018

I can't compare to anywhere else but I think that Prana Physiotherapy is a good place to go. Always pleasant the people there. I do physio and see chiropractor and both of them are good. I definately feel a lot better than I did when I started

Carrie Ann Richardson

I have been treating of my neck and shoulder injury for about 3 months in Prana Physio. During my treatment sessions I found that the doctors and all therapists working in, are very professional, friendly and kind. They care of patients a lot and treat them with an excellent behaviour. Dr. Ajit and Dr. Suman are very friendly, helpful and nice with excellent professonalizm. All therapists are excellent. All of them always try to provide their best professional services. I found that Therapist Natasha has worked very hard to exceed my expactation to pin point my actual pain in my shoulder and elbow and to provide the best therapy to reduce the pain. Now l am getting better pain management. For everybody who is seeking physio or massage therapy, I highly recommend to visit Prana Physiotherapy.

Mohan Shrestha

Prana is very professional with becomes on work ethics. Very nice and approachable staff especially ajit the owner. They will really take care of you till the end. Thanks prana physiotherapy

Dave Blanco

Highly recommend!
I've been a patient at Prana Physio since last year and the treatment I've received has always been excellent. I have the pleasure of having my tratment from Ms. Aulakh. She is supportive, friendly and very good at the diagnosis and treating with the right types of exercises. Her support staff is very helpful and professional (Specially Mr.Aulakh).
Yes, I Would highly recommend PRANA PHYSIOTHERAPY
Gurjit N

Yuvraj Singh

Very nice and friendly staff. They take time to understand the problem of the patient

Ankush Gugnani

I had a car accident and it took 6 months to recover. Now i am perfectly all right. All thanks to prana physio. Doctor suman treated me so well through physio and Marina helped me through active rehab which really worked a lot to recover .The staff is so good and experienced there. I recommend this clinic to those who need physio therepy.

Kavita Bagga

I came into Prana Physiotherapy after being rear ended and injuring my back. The staff at Prana were welcoming and explained the treatments throughly. Not only are they patient and accommodating, they work with your schedule to meet your individual needs. I would definitely recommend others to come here as the service was exceptional. The receptionist is also great, easy to talk to. Individualized customer service is hard to find nowadays but can easily be found here.

Fairy B

Prana physio has excellent staff that are very friendly and easy to communicate with. I've had issues with my hands for months now after seeing surgeons, neurologists, and many doctors I thought I'd never heal. Since I began going to prana physio I finally found a treatment plan that works. The staff worked hard and tried many different techniques until they finally found something that helps. I highly recommend prana physiotherapy for anyone looking for physio or massage therapy.

Nimesh Shrestha

I’m not sure where to begin so I will start from the start, the moment I walked into Prana Physiotherapy every single staff member greeted me with a smile. Every single staff member from the secretary, to the physician to the Physico therapist to the massage therapist was generally concerned about my well being and treatments. I have been to other places in the area that I cannot even begin to compare them. It’s now been almost 3 months and each and every visit it’s the same care, compassion, and concern for my well being. I asked if there was any place I could do a review online and they told me here... the reason being is for anyone that actually needs help getting better this place is where you want to be. All other places have been just about the money to them... Prana Physiotherapy is about the patience and their treatment and needs. In the long run you will feel blessed that you went and had a team of highly trained professionals looking after you, that actually care and want you to not be in pain and progress. Thank you for everything and I will continue coming to you in the days ahead of my recovery. Sincerely Bridget

Bridget Currie

My experience at Prana Physiotherapy was absolutely fantastic. I would highly recommend coming here great service always friendly.

Anthony Reddick

Excellent experience! My each visit for physiotherapy was phenomenal. I always leave very satisfied. The staff is friendly and optimistic.

lakhvir kaur

Been going to Prana for months. Very good place to go to. The staff is amazing. Recommended to everyone.

Sukirat Singh

Found the whole experience painful in the beginning and comfortable in the end. Best that can be asked for from physiotherapy

Joseph Boroevich

I went to Charlie O'Malley for Vertigo and had excellent results. I would recommend PRANA for any type of physical therapy.

Dawn Banzhof Styer

Offer great services and a very professional environment! Definitely would recommend them to others!

Muskan Gadri

Ajit and Suman are both very kind and caring individuals. They listen and understand and take the time to give you the proper treatment to help your recovery. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a physiotherapy clinic.

Abdul Mohammed

Knowledgable staff. Highly recommendable.

Savi Behl

I would definitely recommend Prana Physiotherapy to everyone. The staff is very professional and friendly. They are very personable with their clients. The facility is always very clean and has a relaxing atmosphere. Great service.

Kashni Kang

I came here after motor vehicle accident I was in alot of pain I am feeling much better now... very good quality care and treatment was provided to me... I would recommend anyone in pain come to thiw climic for their care

vicky toor

My mother in law was here for treatment her knees are fine now and she is able to go out for walks housework.. we went to other places but no relief.... we were benefitted from our treatment here ... we are very happy and would recommend Suman for anyone for physiotherapist treatment

Deep Sekhon

I have had a great experience with them. They have an amazing staff.
Would surely recommend this to everyone.

Shaffi Singla

Dr Suman and Rajyalaxmi takes really good care of me .The staff is also well trained and excellent. its been almost 2 months I'm going there highly recommend to my other family members and friends. They always welcome you with positive vibe. 🙂

Harpreet Gill

I have gone to many other physiotherapy clinics In surrey and none of them even come close to experience and treatment I receive at prana. I have been getting treatment for the last 3+ months at prana. There service is top notch, there physio doctors are extremely knowledgeable and attentive and are very dedicated to making you feel comfortable. I love how they ask all the right questions and are focused on pinpointing your issues and working on them. Always asking how you feel,what your pain is like and even just listening to you. I have had many other physio doctors in the past who just hook you up to a machine and leave until your session is over. Not at prana, the take there time to listen and diagnose you. There staff is friendly and caring and I would recommend them to my friends, family and everyone who reads this definitely the best place for all your injury need. I give them a 5.5 out of 5.

Justin Robinson

As a matter of fact, I received the best care and highly professional behaviour. At the end of the day, I feel a lot better now as a result of the attention paid by Pranav Physiotherapy. Thank you Natasha. Thanks all those working for Pranav Physiotherapy! Regards, Fazel Wardak

Fazel Wardak

It’s great experience here, the staff is amazing. I’m coming here from almost 2 months for my therapies and I’m getting better m very grateful of the way they treated me.

Harpreet Kaur

Great physiotherapy


Had good experience. Staff is very good and knowledgeble.Ty


Had a great experience here. Dr. Suman is very caring and professional. The staff is super helpful.

Fatimah Mahmood

Great people and professional services, would recommend to anyone who needs physio treatment go to Prana.

Arif Zaheer

Was suffering from severe back pain from 1.5 yrs, nothing worked. Then somebody suggested me to visit parana physiotherapy. Today after getting treatment for about 10 days my condition has improved immensely. The staff is so professional, kind and friendly. ..they really know their job well. I would recommend this clinic everyone in need.

Arzoo Sharma

Dr Suman takes really good care of the patients. She is very through and professional. The staff is also well trained and excellent at what they do.

Prabhjot Bhullar

Good service, friendly PT's , price is reasonable, place is clean, comfortable and accessible. I would highly recommend this Physiotherapy clinic �.

Cleopatra Joan Oliveros Balantac

Good service, price is reasonable, place is accessible.

Cleopatra Joan Balantac

This is the best phesio in town.. great services and always priced well.. My phesio helped me identify what the cause of my pain was in a clear uncomplicated manner and provide a series of exercises to manage the problem and ease the pain👍👍 i really liked it..

Harnoor Dhaliwal

I had a work place injury from 10 years ago that was not fixed through WCB. Within the first two weeks of treatment at Prana Physiotherapy, I saw a massive improvement in mobility and huge decrease in pain. It has been about three months since my first treatment and my shoulder is barely bothering me. I highly recommend Prana!

Leif Andersen

Very impressed with the staffs knowledge and attention to detail with mg injury.

Mohammad Yunus

Great people and service, would recommend to anyone who needs physio treatment.

Sukhan Chahal

Very professional. Very pleasant. Very effective. Highly recommended.

Manisha Singh

Best physiotherapist in Surrey.Suman is best and very good staff.

Raman Lalli

This place is very good. The appointments are always on time and the staff are very friendly. Definitely recommend it here.

Kamyar Derayat

Prana is a great place, they care about the treatment they provide and care about their clients. I highly recommend their services. They are knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have regarding treatment and they ensure you're receiving the right treatment for your injury! Not only do I attend for chiropractic treatment but I take my kids for PT, they feel very comfortable and enjoy their treatments 😁

Nikki Doerksen-Stephenson

Prana physio are great with their clients, very personable and care about your recovery. I always recommend their services to anyone in need of treatment. My family and I enjoy the care and treatment that we receive from them and look forward to our appointments. Thank you to all the staff at Prana!!

Nikki Stephenson

Have been going to this physio for almost 4 months. Awesome staff with great service. Husband and wife make a perfect team. Keep up your great service

Sashi Levin

I have been going to the clinic for the past 3 months . The staff is extremely cordial and friendly . Their punctuality and interest in my wellbeing is highly appreciative . My daughter also feels comfortable with the physiotherapist . Her treatment is planned keeping her age and level of comfort in mind . I will recommend this clinic for both adults and kids.

Konica Nagpal

They understand what needs to be done and how. Treatment is considered always long term and thus you shall see results throughout your treatment like me. Staff remember your name, adding to the already friendly service.

Sim Sid

The staff is very friendly and kind everytime I go there amd they are really good at what they do!

Behnam Salimy

Highly professional, the staff goes out of their way to help the clients.

Brijpal Singh

Very good and friendly staff


Prana physiotherapy is the Best.I really satisfied with the service .Nice location and easy parking. Therapists focus on pain with massage and other equipments.This place is really relexing and pain relieving.I highly recommend Prana physiotherapy to everyone because of their professional service.

Vishrut Sharma

There really nice and easy to work with, reminders are sent for appointments which I found was really handy. The environment over all is amazing!!!

Subreena Sidhu

The staff at Prana Physiotherapy are very friendly and professional. I firmly believe they are making a positive impact on my treatment. I would highly recommend Prana Physiotherpay to anyone looking for a physiotherapist.

AJ Singh

I have been coming since late September after a rta. ... Dr Suman , nitasha and the rest are pretty good .to say the least... flexible with there times .and appointments.. And thats works for me 😊 10/10

Steven B

Great staff and Great Hours. I would definitely recommend going to Prana Physiotherapy as they are very accomodating and friendly. I had started my treatments with a different Physiotherapy Office and once i switched i felt i had made the right decision. With both machine and Hands on treatment i feel my recovery has been progressing. I still have a long ways to go but i feel comfortable that i will get the Results i need from Prana Physiotherapy.

Amani Chahal

Very pleasant and professional staff, go above and beyond call of duty to help. They are: accommodating, kind and caring​, clean facility, relaxing and calm atmosphere. I encourage you to experience this for yourself, go visit Prana you'll have no regrets!

Juliet Walters

Great people and great service

Kate Melnyk

They are very professional, caring and efficient. I have experienced good services at this place. The main reason I like to go there that they adjust our session timings according to our schedule.

Shoaiba Rafiqui

Always get the best of treatment, happy with the service.Friendly staff always happy to help and assist with any requests.Thanks suman and ajit.👍😊

Satvir Gosal

Prana is a great clinic.
Very helpful and thorough in treatment. Love the text and email reminders for appointments.

Sabeeh Naseer

I am visiting Prana Physiotherapy for my injured hand at work. Everyone is very friendly and helpful at this place. They are doing a wonderful job in better and faster recovery for my hand. Definitely I recommend this place to everyone who need to see a physiotherapist. I always will go back to them if I needed in the future. Thank you Prana

Fatimka Tucic

Staff are providing the right treatment according to your needs. Everyone in the clinic is respectful and accommodating. The clinic has a quiet and clean environment which is relaxing during the therapy. The clinic is equipped with technology which they are using for my physiotherapy. They keep u posted with your appointnent thru tx mesg and email. The price for the service is reasonable. Highy recommendable.

Richard Nixon De Lemos

They really helped make a difference. I have less pain now and have felt a huge improvement.


I really have very satisfied experience here, staff is really so helpful nd cooperative. They all deal with me with so kindness and always keeps the time happy, i am fully satisfied with the treatment that i got from here and the way they deal with all is really appreciated. I always get treated on time and also can get appointments according to my schedule. I really recommend this place to others as well for the treatment. Thank u for providing such nice services to us.

Hassan Kaur

Great professional staff and clean environment.

Project E36

The Prana Physiotherapy is a clean comfortable facility that I would recommend without reservation to anyone who might wish to avail her/himself of its services. It has become a regular and valued part of my personal programme of health promotion & maintenance.

وكيح وبكيفي

Had a wonderful experience during my treatment. People in prana physio are friendly and advise the right treatment.

Venkata Dhara

Excellent staff & services. Dr. Suman & Dr. Ajit both are very caring, motivated person.

Raman varinder

Dr Sumad and her staff is excellent. They guided me through the exercises and precautions very well. Ajit recommended me and helped me getting the best clinical supporter for my pain. Im in my forth week of treatment, and I feel alot better than my initial condition.

Gurkaran singh Chawla

I am very satisfied with the services provided by husband and wife team. They are very welcoming and caring . They will also educate you about the exercises that you can do at home. I had a very sore back and I was looking for a registered physiotherapist who is experienced and skillful. Suman Auluck helped me get rid of my back pain. If you are in surrey or nearby areas think no further this is the place to go.

Aman Arora

Suman and her team are excellent, very professional and caring. Went in with a stiff neck, I was unable to turn more than a few degrees in either direction. After treatment, I have full range of motion. Highly recommended.

Denise Laronde

I came to this clinic after my car accident it was one of best decisions I received good care and treatment here my pain has reduced I will definitely recommend people to themselves come here and experience the fine care and treatment provided in this clinic

Manjot Dhindsa

The staff are really nice, warm and friendly!
Very good service.
Opening hours are really good.
Very prompt, helpful appointment reminders by text and phone.
Good location in Surrey.
Bus stop nearby to Skytrain and sufficient parking!

Richard Alden

Excellent PT! Takes the time to hear your concerns and tries both new and conventional techniques to decrease your pain. Highly recommend.

Misbah N.

So knowledgeable and generous staff! Every one is so helpful and understands you thoroughly. Dr Suman is extremely knowledgeable, truly dedicated and listens to me enabling her to provide the appropriate sound advise and care as needed for my optimum health and injury recovery!
Thanks guys!
I recommend them to all!

Deepak Sharma

Excellent customer service, phenomenal Physiotherapist, & great reminders to your phone! All in all very happy with the quality & care from the people at Prana Physiotherapy.

Taher Mourad

Doctors and staff are very friendly. They have different assessments in place to help with faster recovery of their patients. We went in after the motor vehicle accident. Doctor Suman and Ajit are very professional in their dealings ever since. I'll definitely recommend them.

Manpreet kaur

My wife had back pains.We got physiotherapy from Prana Physiotherapy and there is great relief in pains. I would recommend to get treatment from Prana Physiotherapy.

Kuldeep Singh Girgla

I really like the way how they treat and being helpful.

Arsh Benipal

I went to see the physiotherapist in severe backpain as I suffer from osteoporosis . The front people immediately got me in and the therapist was very soft spoken and understanding . I felt so relieved in just one visit and in 3 visits i felt so much better . Dr. Suman has magical hands . I will definitely recommend her .

Harbans Kaur

Great services. Recommend to all for treatment. .

Parul Gupta

Went in because of a motorcycle accident and was very professionally managed by the friendly staff at Prana Physiotherapy. They got me set up with an exercise program personalized for me on an app called PhysiApp through which they monitored the severity of my pain during the exercises as well as how I was doing with the program. Suman's friendly and kind personality really makes you feel comfortable and well taken care of while being treated at Prana Physiotherapy. I Was pretty skeptical when I first got recommended to Prana Physiotherapy but now I'm glad and thankful.

Gurjit Singh

I would definitely recommend their services. Keep rocking Prana Physiotherapy

Nidhi Kaushal

We both Felt very good and relaxed after the first visit. Good staff and service. I would definitely recommend anyone here👍

Ashish Angural