WCB Surrey and New Westminster

Prana Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation center has many years of professional experience and expertise in treating clients involved in motor vehicle accidents. All our therapists have expertise, experience and competence to treat such injuries. Our office staff has experience in dealing with ICBC and law offices/lawyers for all medico-legal cases.

In car accidents patients will usually sustain whiplash injuries and get neck and back pain. We provide post-accident physiotherapy and post-accident rehabilitation for motor vehicle accident injuries. If you are injured in a car accident you can access physiotherapy treatment without a doctor’s note. The majority of clients (who were not at work) are approved for 25 physiotherapy sessions within 90 days of the accident. If you would require further sessions we would do a functional assessment and evaluation and work with your doctor to seek more approvals.

For all ICBC claims, clients need to bring the following information or documents

  1. A valid ICBC claim number
  2. Date of injury
  3. Personal health number (BC care card or services card)

Our post-accident physiotherapy and post-accident rehabilitation also include treatment for head injuries and concussion at no additional costs. The onset of these symptoms may be within an hour or days after initial injury but a few patients may experience these after a few months. Physical therapy can be very helpful with the recovery of range of motion, strength, endurance, and the management of pain. Physiotherapy treatment at Prana Physiotherapy is fully funded by ICBC (we do direct billing) and clients do not pay any fees.